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Upload your Images, documents, music, and video in a single place and access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Since the 1990s digital and file managers, the features for our storage and file management list have included encryption and power on your hand.

Fast Upload

Fast Upload

Fast file uploading on both the premium plan and the free unlimited plan.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited space for large files, including documents, music, and videos, as well as videos, Android applications, and many more

Share Anywhere

Share Anywhere

Share a document or other file that you have stored or uploaded on each plan.

Multiple Uploads

Multiple Uploads

You are able to upload multiple files concurrently both during the day and night.

File Manager

File Manager

The new digital file manager stores all of your content in these files, which can be encryption key and accessible from any location at any time.

File Encryption

File Encryption

You have the option to encrypt, lock, and unlock any files you have posted. You are in control of any file you upload.


Check out the free plan, the standard plan, and any other plan you desire for file management.


Stater plan You can upload 1 once a time and share, at cheap rate

4.88 GB Storage space
500.00 MB Size per file
Files available for Unlimited time
Upload 1 file at once
Password protected files
No plans available
No plans available

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For every plan, read our FAQs and get the proper answers there.

File storage is an online cloud where you may host files to share with everyone and receive them wherever. You can also encrypt each file you host and choose the encryption level for it.

You can upload and save files on Playmodd's cloud storage for free and for a fee. Files include documents like music and video, apps, software, docs, zip, rar, and many more.

The Stater plan is a free plan for everyone, you can upload large files up to five hundred mega also you can manage the file set am encryption and detailed time and but there is an advert for the free plan.

Starter plan Features :

Unlimited Storage space

Unlimited Size per file

Files available for 1 day

Upload 3 files at once


Password protected files

The premium plan, basic, and standard:

If possible, sign up for our premium plan for quick upload and no advertisements, Unlimited storage, and many other things that the starting plan lacks. These premium plans are unique from the starter plan.


Registration is cost-free. Once you have an email address, proceed by clicking Sign Up and filling out the registration form that appears after such an explanation.

1. Click Sign Up


2. Fill in the registration form, email, and password, names.etc


3. after you have registered, if you wish you can subscribe to our plans 

Watch video tutorial on youtube click here 

4. that's all.

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Max File Size 500.00 MB / Files available for Unlimited time

Drag and drop or click here to upload

You can also browse from your computer

Password protection

The password helps protect your file from public accessing

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